Game Management

Team Binder

As the team manager, you are required to bring a number of items to every game. To make your job easier, we recommend that you put together a binder that includes the following items.

All Travel Teams:

  1. USA Hockey Verified Roster*
  2. If any player is unverified on the roster, the player's birth certificate is necessary.
  3. Team contact information
  4. Game Sheet Labels
  5. Scoresheets
  6. SYHA provides scoresheets for games. These are provided to team managers. To get scoresheets contact James Barrett.
  7. Roster Stickers*
  8. Rather than fill out your roster and coach information on every score sheet, you should make roster stickers. Rosters may change up to December 31, so print 1 sheet at a time as you go in case any changes do occur. 
  9. Stickers are available to all team managers. Contact James Barrett.


Prior to each home game 

  1. Schedule volunteers: (1) scorekeeper, and (1) timeclock.
  2. It is important to teach parents how to navigate each of these game-day roles to ensure equal amounts of volunteerism throughout the season. Consider taking a practice to teach parents how to complete these tasks. Without these roles, the kids cannot play games.
  3. In previous years, creating a SignUp genius for each date, role, etc. is a great way to keep track of the assignments and allows parents to select what works best for them.
  4. If a SignUp genius is not feasible, or you are not getting the volunteers you need, it may be necessary to assign roles to each family throughout the season evenly. Ensure they have clearly communicated expectations beforehand.
  5. Prepare game scoresheet
  6. Apply your team's roster stickers to the home team section
  7. If any player will not be playing the game, scratch off their name on each sticker used
  8. Find visiting team manager and apply their roster stickers to the away team section
  9. Have both teams' coaches sign the scoresheet
  10. Provide to scoresheet volunteer or in score box prior to game start

After the game

1. Referees will review and sign the scoresheet

2. Get the score sheet back from your volunteer

3. White Copy should be given to the winning team and the Pink copy to the losing team

4. Please submit score sheets to the CHC Division Contacts by Tuesday at 12:00 midnight. Again, it is a good idea to submit both winning and losing game sheets. Also, get those scores entered on the Simsbury website also by Tuesday at 12:00 midnight. Your team needs to play a certain number of games each season to qualify for a State tournament at the end of the season. 


  1. Find home team manager and provide roster sticks on Away Team section of the scoresheet
  2. If any player will not be playing the game, scratch off their name on each sticker used

After each game:

  1. Collect a copy of the scoresheet and retain in the team binder
  2. The winning team manager will send scores to your CHC representative

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