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For ISCC Games, one team manager or coach will be allowed to enter the building no more than 30 minutes prior to the event to show your team's USAH roster and receive spectator wristbands.  The process will work as follows:

  • The ISCC waiver will be required for ALL that enter the building.  Pre-fill to save time!
  • ONE spectator wristband per rostered player will be allocated.  All rostered coaches and team managers will also receive a wristband.  Players do not need a wristband.  Rosters can be brought to the game, or emailed in advance providing the game date, time, and team name to   so that wristbands will be ready upon arrival.  Wristbands will only be distributed on game day (no sooner).
  • Team managers (or coach) will be responsible for distributing wristbands to your spectators.  Per ISCC, lost / broken wristbands will not be replaced.
  • Team managers (or coach) will be responsible for communicating ISCC rules and process to opponent team the week prior to the event.
  • Game spectators will not be allowed into the building until 10 minutes prior to the event (wearing their wristband).
  • Coaches / Players (including player bags) may not enter the building or locker room until 20 minutes prior to the event*.  
  • Locker rooms are limited to 12 people at a time.  Once capacity is reached, excess players must dress on the benches outside the locker room.  Players should arrive as dressed as possible and leave the building partially dressed after the event.
  • One coach or safesport certified team manager/volunteer must remain in the locker room at all times to control social distancing and enforcement of locker room protocols.  
* Exception First Step, Hockey Stars and Mite coaches will be allowed to enter the facility 30 minutes in advance for cross-ice set up.  


General Facility Rules:
  1. We require all players, coaches, and spectators to fill out the attached Health & Safety Waiver every time they visit our facility. This is something we have always requested.
  2. Masks or a secure face covering that covers the mouth and nose is a requirement for anyone visiting our facility.
  3. Please do not eat in the building and limit drink consumption.
Locker Room Rules:
  1. Players are only allowed entry to the locker rooms 20 minutes before their game or practice start. Early arrivals will be made to wait. This is to ensure locker rooms are cleaned thoroughly in between each team's use.
  2. The locker rooms are limited to 12 players per room. There are tape lines on all of the benches designating seats. Once a locker room reaches capacity, extra players must get dressed on the benches around the rink. We ask that locker room monitors/coaches assist to make sure this is followed.
  3. Masks are to be worn at all times.
  4. No showers are permitted.
  5. No food or drink is allowed.
  6. Players are expected to exit promptly after undressing.
These rules will also be posted on the doors to the locker rooms. If these rules are broken, we will unfortunately close the locker rooms again.
Game Rules:
In addition to our other General Rules & Locker Room Rules, we ask that:
  1. Spectators enter the building no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled game time and exit immediately after the game concludes. Please do not congregate in the lobby, and practice social distancing.
  2. We are limiting our glass-side viewing. There are seats marked in the stands that we ask spectators to use instead.
  3. Please try to limit to only one spectator per player. There are 45 spots marked in our stands.
We appreciate everyone's cooperation in following our guidelines. We look forward to a fun and safe season with everyone!
Thank you!